Thursday, June 7, 2007

Congress, RIAA and Universities prepare for P2P "arms race"

The Committee on Science and Technology is losing its patience with file sharing on US college campuses, but witnesses at a hearing warned against entering into a technology arms race with students and the purveyors of piracy tools.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Myspace Project: Life and Love thanks to Francis

Ayo chekkit,
This is the first official post for Francis and my peeps on MySpace.
The whole idea around this blog is that you guys just post up a comment on my "Space" LOL about what topic you'd like me to blog about and well...within a week its there!
Of course I'll let u know via bulletins, RSS feed, gimme ur email, MSN etc tell me what u want.
SO basically this is all run by you guys.

here's a link to my Myspace and a pic of the blog that started this all.
Here is also a link to my company/research blog
Check em all out if u gots time and like IT for the research one...

The first topic is life and love.

3 things:

1. The discerning of love and lust
So what is it to fall in love?
Chemical reaction or soul connection?
I personally think its all lust at the start, you look at them because they're well attractive.
Then you think, s/he's be cool to hang out with/ sleep with and so on...
So you meet and thats where the vibe, chemicals and soul connection mash it up to love.
Thats my rant in 2 minutes of thinkin...

2. Why do we love everythin we like?
I hate people that say i love this i love that...shut up it aint that easy.PLUS you sound very very stupid, illiterate and well just neanderthalian haha
What you love, is what you'll go out of your way to do, meet, hug, listen etc.
Like family, dancin (for me), God, religion in general, partner, lover etc.
So lets distinguish what we like a lot better than'I love that~~~ woooo~'
Give your words some real meaning please!

3. Love songs


1. Find an interest
and guys and girls dont be like the opposite sex...duh we all know that.
Grow out your freakin cave of stupidity and do something.
Grow your conversation topics
In my honest opinion people who cant hold conversations are pretty useless
So dont go umm i like to go to the's a newsflash that aint a hobby or interest thats narcissism and no one likes some idiot who cant even brag about themselves in a kikass way!

2. Find yourself

Find a purpose for your life. nuff said.

3. Be yourself

Alotta people out there are haters and just do wat everyone else does
example, fashion in adelaide is like the worst.
WOMEN: Supre, polka dots and fake vintage??? nuff said
Men: Collars up and painted clothing, cat piss hair (bleach blotches) nuff said.

OK thats enough for todays session. took me like 15 minutes coz I'm on lunch break and i gotta go eat.
If you hate me now I dont care have fun reading it and if this seems directed at you, comment back, and i'll edit it to make u happy or wateva...

Kool happy Francis? you better be first to comment u weakass

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